TandmX Official Discord!

TandmX now has a Discord server, link to join can be found below!

TandmX is a VoIP, Asterisk based call processing network for telephone collectors. TandmX is a public telecommunications network, Click Here to Sign up!
Quick Guide:
  • Registering to TandmX - Top of Help Page
  • Connecting Previous system to TandmX - "Creating a local DISA..." Help Page
  • Converting former NPSTN switch - "Converting a former NPSTN dialplan..." Help Page
  • Boiler Plate Code - Help Page
TandmX has many features, and the network grows every day.
  • Pre, Post, Operator, Coin Trunks (Real payphone support)
  • Many different nodes, flexible routing system
  • 7 Digit Dialing With Inwards Operator Services
  • Real operator, Business office, and other N11 services!
  • Realistic sounding switches to mimic old switching equipment.
  • Real MF trunking systems, and support for physical phone switches with various trunking methods.
  • Very lightweight boiler plate code, simplicity that is reliable
  • Very flexible network, we won't force you to do things you don't like!
  • Simulated Calling Card System
  • TandmX Emergency Telecommunication Service (Remake of GETS)
TandmX Hosted Users can get realistic end office features such as:
  • Distinctive Ringing Service (SIP Only)
  • Caller ID Blocking (*67)
Useful Links:
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